Infrastructure Engineers

These specialists help translate the Technical Architect’s business solutions into functional networks, computing and internet environments. As an Infrastructure specialist, you will be involved with a wide range of network and system-based technologies. The candidate must have the experience and skills to work with in a technically oriented environment. They also must have the flexibility to adapt and create network/system layouts from various levels of business needs.

Must have excellent presentation and communication skills since this position requires interaction with clients. Must be able to work in both NYC and Bridgewater. Must have set up Internet sites and be very familar with Firewalls, load balancers etc. +3 years in inter-networking with business solutions is preferable, along with specialties in LAN and WAN technologies. The candidate MUST have working knowledge in the following areas: Windows NT v4.0 (all variants helpful); Windows 2000 (Professional and Advanced Server); TCP/IP; Internetworking with Microsoft technologies; T-1; T-3; MS-Exchange; cluster technologies; SCSI; firewall security; router technology; remote access; Internet technologies, technology certificate MSFT. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR LAST SALARY AND YOUR SALARY REQUIREMENTS OR YOUR RESUME WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. DESIRED SKILLS:Expertise of other Microsoft technologies are helpful. ONLY CANDIDATES WITHIN THE NYC METRO AREA WILL BE CONSIDERED. MUST BE ABLE TO TRAVEL TO BRIDGEWATER NJ AND NYC WITH NO ISSUES.